Setting up Zendesk Guide

  • Previewing theme changes locally

    You can export a theme’s files from Guide and work on the files offline in your favorite editor.

  • Configuring Guide settings

    You can manage your knowledge base configuration in Guide settings. You must be a Guide Manager to work with these features.

  • Understanding Guide roles and privileges

    Administrators have Guide Manager privileges and agents have Guide Viewer privileges by default. Agents can be granted Guide Manager privileges as needed.

  • Changing the URL of your Help Center

    By default, the address of your Help Center is a Zendesk subdomain, such as “mycompany” in The host mapping feature allow you to...

  • The difference between standard and custom themes

    You can use the standard theme that comes with Guide for your Help Center or you can customize the standard theme or create your...

  • Importing and exporting your theme

    Agents with Guide Manager privileges can import or export a zip archive of a Help Center theme, containing templates, JavaScript, CSS, and assets.

  • Allowing unsafe HTML in articles

    By default, Help Center quarantines unsafe HTML tags and attributes in articles to reduce the risk of somebody introducing malicious code. Unsafe HTML is...

  • Working on a theme locally

    The most powerful theming features in Guide are the abilities to import, export, and work locally with themes. When you’re making major updates to...

  • Previewing your theme in Guide

    Themes can be previewed from within Guide, which allows you to preview branding changes for specific page templates and as a specific role. If...

  • Accessing your Help Center themes

    You can access your Help Center themes from the Themes page. You can access options for managing the theme by clicking the menu on...

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